Thursday, August 30, 2012


8/28/2012  I went through the temple!  It was such a great experience.  It was nothing what I expected and everything I expected! Its still crazy to me! But I am so humbled and filled with love for my Heavenly Father and for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I"m grateful for temples and the promises and blessings that come from entering this sacred house. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, for bridging the gap between heaven and earth so I can return to live with Heavenly Father again through faith and repentance.  I'm humbled, I'm full of joy, and I'm ready to forever be in the service of my God.

The decision to go on a mission has been the most enriching decision I have yet to make.  The growth that I feel has taken place is huge.  I am mentally and physically in a state that I don't think I have ever felt before.  I feel so close to the spirit and have been able to clearly and fully recognize the spirit and its guidance.  I have been so incredibly blessed in numerous ways.  FOR EXAMPLE, I have hit EVERY single clothing sale known to man kind! And the best part... when I go to purchase whatever I need for one reason or another I decide to wait and when I go back the next day or a week later or even 2 weeks later, its always been on sale for half the price.  I'm not kidding its turned into the funniest thing!!! Like today I got a bunch of scarves for $5 a piece and I almost bought the same ones at the same place last week for $10 a piece.  I'm not lying it has happened every single time. WOOT WOOT!  Those are the little blessings that have honestly been the only reason I've been able to make ends meet.

I am thrilled for this mission.  I am so ready!! The count down is on.  we are 4 weeks and 6 days away!! oh ya!

Grandma Lee For Good

This is the song I sang for her right before she died.  I will always think of her when I hear or sing this song.

Grandma Lee

My beautiful grandma lee passed away July 26, 2012. What a spiritual and peaceful night it was for the entire family. As I sat and pondered on the life of my grandma all I could picture was the joy and love that came from her and my grandpa. What a perfect example to me of the specialness and sacredness of finding that eternal companion and living everyday in love and unity progressing in this life. 6 years ago my grandmas heart was broken when my grandpa passed away and everyday since her heart and soul has yearned to be back side by side with him. I know they had a joyful reunion and they are walking side by side hand in hand preaching the gospel and watching over their beautiful posterity. I miss them greatly but feel grateful knowing the plan of happiness. I love you grandma! You will always remain in my heart and mind! Thank you for your love and your example!

I BELIEVE in fitness.

Yes I believe in fitness!! Not because of physical reasons but for MENTAL reasons!  The endorphins that are released when exercising and eating healthy foods are so important for your mental and physical health!!  Results are motivating, and seeing others results can be just as motivating! So this maybe TMI for some BUT I post this for me so I can look back in 10 years and remember how good it felt to be in shape!

DO something with it.

When you're ready to completely rip your hair out you know its time to do something with it! Usually with me I know its time to get them nasty roots colored!! Isn't this before and after picture crazy? Just coloring one little spot can just fix it all!  I should've gone to cosmo school...

love him

I just love this little man so much.  He is the sweetest boy ever! He has such a sensitive spirit and has been the biggest little blessing to our family.   Him and Donivan!  Life would not be the same with out these two!

A fun Saturday night

Part of my birthday weekend,  Us girls went to a fun dance party where we had some innocent and crazy fun!  We definitely were laughed at, judged, envied, and were sweating hot the entire time!  Why do we live in Arizona again??

sold my beautiful snow white :(

You know... I've realized I have sacrificed alot for this mission of mine! LOL one of the big sacrifices was selling my car!  This car was fun! It served me well and I was very sad to say good bye to it!! But it does feel good not having to pay for gas! Or insurance.  Ya I guess it was ok to say goodbye! lol


Where the heck is Belize?? ya I had to ask that question when I got invited to go travel this beautiful country! Its in central America right under Mexico and boarding Guatemala.

We stayed 2 weeks and we roughed it!  The first week we stayed in 2 different hostels.  The first hostel we stayed at, we showed up and there were like 3 guys there just staring as we pulled in.  Needless to say we were a bit creeped out!!  It turned out that although they were weed and pot smokers, they were nice guys! We met the cutest little Belizian toddler,  ate from dirty, rotten dishes, and slept with rats and mosquitos and bats,  had to put our toilet paper in a trash can, and had to watch out for snakes when walking to the bathroom I MEAN OUTHOUSE (it was beyond disgusting).  Needless to say I only peed once. 
- the second place we went to (bartons creek)  it was a very safe friendly place in the middle of the jungle! there was no transportation out unless you called and scheduled the cab driver like a day in advance so we were literally stuck in the jungle!  It was way cool tho and there was a nearby cave that we snuck into bc we didn't want to pay $60 for a tour guide and we may or may not have almost went to jail! haha  OH and we starved because we were being cheap and didn't want to spend $12 a meal there and their stupid dogs ate a loaf of bread which was all we had for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! So we ate like hardly at all those 4 days!  We were told to never again walk on the neighbors property, we were band from all his amenities, we may or may not have skinny dipped in the moon light,  may or may not have met super cute Florida backpackers,  may or maynot have been kissed under beautiful waterfalls,  and may or may not have totally enjoyed Bartons Creek. 
- Then we headed back to the city San Ignacio and stayed in a hotel.  It was one of the nicest ones there bc it had AC but it was still ghetto! but dont worry we felt like we were in paradise!  San Ignacio was our base for all the tours we went on that whole weekend.  We stayed very busy.  We did all the big major tours in 3 days.  ATM caves, Tikal, and Xunatunitch (however you spell it I still cant say it right).   We came buddys with the burrito guy, ran into the missionaries, went to church,  got stalked by a man that lived on which ever street we happened to be at, met a mormon group of volunteers from Utah, and got engaged to a Belizian tour guide.  
- We then took off to the coast where we stayed in a beautiful beach house like 20 min by boat away from the island city SanPedro (its a long skinny island and everyone travels by boat taxis to go back and forth from the "city" to their beach house) We snorkeled and scuba-dived and laid out by the beach and FINALLY ate some good food that was like $30 a plate! It was great to go from roughing it in the jungle to then being in paradise! 

It was such a fun trip!... I'm sure I'll add more memories for journal keepings sake but for right now this is good enough! lol

This is all I packed for 2 weeks! Amazing right? Fit it all in a nike duffle bag!